Village Homestay

day 15 pic 3

Today we got up an hour later, as everyone just seemed to be really tired. After breakfast and devo time everyone except for Prof. Carl and Steven went to Rauka School. As always we started off the day with songs and a short drama. The drama of the day was the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. After this it was time for Phys Ed with Coach Shelvis and his Assistant Coach Nancy. The children enjoy this class and worked really hard. Coach Shelvis emphasized the importance of teamwork and encouraged older children to lead their teams well. The older kids did really well in helping out the younger ones.

I tried to help the little two year old children to engage in the activities as well. This was challenging but all in all it was a rewarding morning. Prof. Carl and Steven went out to Brook’s village ministry again. When we were done at the school we walked to Borderlands for some coffee and a little bit of downtime. Alysia, Lindsey and Colton stopped to buy some street meat for lunch (roasted goat). We went back to VTC to eat and then just after lunch Rolf came to take us to the cloth market.

Around five we were dropped of in a nearby village for our homestay. We stayed with Pastor Steven’s family. The village consists of groups of several small houses or huts where different family members live in, and we learned that people sometimes are buried on their own yard when they die. Pastor Steven took us for a walk to their water source and their church of which he was very proud.

day 15 pic 2

On our walk we walked passed a group of small children who were heating up rocks on a fire so they could bake potatoes! Some of the children had small babies tied on their back, and most of them seemed quite intrigued with us! But one kid just burst out crying when he spotted us. We walked back from the church in the dark, which seemed to be really complicated for James – he tripped about ten times 😊. Meanwhile Steven and Colton joined the local guys for some soccer, and they came back really dirty and sweaty.

Around nine thirty we had supper with our host family. We were all really hungry at this point and the food was delicious. At ten thirty our other host came back from helping out with some funeral / burial preparations. He then pulled up a chair and started his very formal and lengthy introduction. We were all quite tired and struggled to stay awake, but it was a great eye-opening experience into the life of  Ugandan village dwellers.



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