Last Day in Arua

day 15 pic 6

Today is Sunday, the day of fellowship amongst believers to gather together and worship the Lord! However, today was also a very sad day, as this was the last full day with the Kruse family and our time in Arura. However, in God’s strength we finished the day with little tears!

Last week we were introduced to a ministry here in Arua called Cheka Child. One of the leaders of this ministry was named Pastor Steven. After hearing that some of us on the team could preach, he invited us out to his Church on Sunday to preach. Having spent Friday night and Saturday morning in his home and village, and meeting the people, I had a desire to go to his Church and fellowship with the believers.

However, I would do more than just attend. Knowing that I was coming, I was asked to preach. I was excited with this opportunity because I believe that God had given me a message for that morning. Steven had told us that there are many people who call themselves Christians, go to Church at 7:30 in the morning, but live their lives very differently the rest of the week. For this reason, I believe God gave me the theme of – being born again – 24/7 lifestyle Christianity. Meeting Pastor Steven that morning he gave me a new nickname, Pastor Steven Young! As we, Ralph, Alysia, and I, were brought into the Church, we were given the seats of honor, the chairs on the stage. Before preaching I was asked to join the other pastors in prayer and given a white robe to wear for me to preach in. The message was received well and the Church welcomed us warmly after the service.

After this service in Ajono, we rushed back to Arura to attend the South Sudanese Church, the Church where half the group attended last week. There we worshiped with our Sudanese brothers and sisters. We sang songs, watched the children’s choir sing and dance, and listened to a evangelist preacher preach. After the service we fellowshipped with friends we met last week, and said our goodbyes to them.

We then went to the Kruses, had lunch, and spent the next few hours debriefing a little as a big team. Following the debrief, we had the opportunity to leave Arura and go for a hike in the valley that surrounds Arura. Here we climbed rocks, waterfalls, and marveled at God’s beautiful creation. This was very refreshing and energising as we were completely exhausted from the week previous.

The day ended with authentic Ethiopian food, however not before a 30 min. search for some of the team who got lost on bikes cycling to the restaurant. Though the sky was dark, God answered our prayers and brought Joel, Lindsey, and Colton safely to the restaurant! The food was great, fellowship was encouraging, and saying goodbyes were hard. Our day was at last complete. The day was fun, encouraging, and saddening all at the same time, but God was faithful and has continued to show us His greatness through it all!

Prayer Requests

  • We fly out of Entebbe to Brussels in 6 hrs. 12 min. Pray for safety and that we would be open to divine appointments God may have for us.
  • Pray that we will not forget all that God has done in and through us, and the work that God is doing and needs to be done in Arura.
  • Pray for strength as we come home and many of us are faced with the school life right away!

Again, thank you all so much for your continued prayers through this mission. God has been seen in so many beautiful ways in this mission and we give Him all the glory, honor, and praise!

To God be the glory forever and ever, Amen.

Steven Warthe


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