Homestays & programs

day 15 pic 5

On Saturday we woke up with our homestay families and had a wonderful new breakfast with tea served with hot milk. It is a tradition for MX3 teams to always have a house stay with locals but this year we weren’t too sure how it would happen until the last moment. We had hoped to do this earlier but nothing had worked out. Our team visited a ministry called Cheka Child earlier in the week, and we met Pastor Steven who helped lead the ministry, and was well respected in his village. Cheka Child is a ministry enabling children from the community to go to school. The guys stayed at Steven’s house and his brother Jovon hosted the ladies for the night.

day 15 pic 1

In the morning we went on a tour of the village and met the families of Ajono. We walked around  meeting the women – going into their kitchens and seeing how they cook and do life. We prayed with a group of people from each household and we gained a following of children as we went along. Later on we prayed and sang songs with about fifty kids, and then they shared some of their songs with us. Right at the end we walked past a soccer field and a number of the kids played soccer with Lindsey and Steven with a garbage-bag-ball. That was a blast to watch them have so much fun playing barefoot on the hard ground with a simple ball the kids had made.

day 15 pic 4

The ladies on our team asked if they could help with cooking when we got back but our host said it was nearly done and just to wait. It was a strange experience for us being hosted in this culture because we were left alone as the food finished being cooked. However, they did give us a pot of appetizers that we weren’t sure if we should eat or not. There was so much in there and only seven of us.

It gave us a good time to debrief what we had just experienced in the village and think about the culture for ourselves, but we didn’t know what we should be doing. The snack was so good, it was called Ajono chicken because it looked and tasted like KFC on first appearance, but it was just breaded and deep-fried veggies. After lunch did show up it was almost time to go back. David picked us at 2 and we went through some more formal good byes and David joined us for lunch too before we went back.

We went back to VTC to clean up and get ready for a farewell program at Maggie’s school with the parents of the students and a number of missionaries. That went very well but was an interesting experience because we didn’t know how it would flow until we were up and doing it. We started by singing the songs we had been teaching them this week in the morning. Then the recorder class I had been teaching got a chance to play through two songs and I was very proud at how much they did learn even though they couldn’t play together too well yet. Then there were a number of readers theater performances by some of the same kids from the older class joined by some missionary kids.

We had a potluck goat roast after the program. It’s cool seeing something like that which we have in our culture practised in their culture. We then said our final goodbyes to the children and parents before the night was done. It was a great time of fellowship and reflecting on the time we had spent with the children.


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