Stories & training

Monday was a great day, filled with many laughs and adventures! The day started off with us having our breakfast together at VTC. The breakfast consisted of delicious bread, succulent fruit and jam, oily peanut butter, and sludgy coffee. We had a relaxing time of devotions and prayer and laughter as we shared a meal together as a team

day 4 prayer

When we finished our food, we walked over to Rolf and Angela’s house, which is about a 10-minute walk uphill from the Vocational Training Center guesthouse (VTC). At Rolf and Angela’s, we had the privilege of listening to Bobby and Scott. Bobby talked to us about his farming work in South Sudan, and his pastoral work here in Uganda. After Bobby left Scott came and shared his story. He was in South Sudan before he came to Christ. His story was very inspiring and his work here is quite interesting. After his talk we got the opportunity to enjoy food prepared by South Sudanese ladies at a church nearby. This was an amazing time of fellowship with the South Sudanese people, while learning about their culture. We enjoyed some kisira (like thin crepes) and beans, which is what the refugees would receive as their regular food ration, as well as some ginger coffee to end off our time there, which I really enjoyed but the rest of the group were a little more skeptical of the taste.

day 4 ss home

After the meal we had the afternoon off so we went swimming at the local pool. This was a good time of relaxation and laughter with the group and the Kruse’s. Closer to the end of our time at the pool Steven and I got the opportunity to talk to Eric, a guy that worked at the YWAM base here in Arua. He told us about the base and the work that he does there, in teaching the story of the Bible. We finished off the evening by having a supper and hanging out with the Kruse’s at their house, and then retiring to VTC, taking excruciatingly cold showers that are the worst. The day was filled with many stories and many adventures and many good times.

Some prayer requests for the team:

  • Continued prayer for sleeping and jet lag – some people have had very restless nights.
  • The heat – it is very hot (+35C) and takes a lot of getting used to.
  • Energy – lack of sleep causes an energy shortage.
  • VBS Program – we start our program tomorrow at Maggie’s school and could use a lot of prayer for it.

Thank-you for your continued prayer and support, knowing we have people lifting us up in support and prayer is incredibly uplifting for us here. Thank-you and may God bless you today!

James Parkinson

day 4 phone load

(buying load for our phones)


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