Travel to Uganda


Wow! Where to start? Well to begin with … WE MADE IT! We are in AFRICA!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying for us, especially for safety while travelling. For the most part we had a very easy trip. We left Winnipeg at the expected time, made it very swiftly through the Toronto airport to arrive at our connecting plane on time. We however had an unexpected delay on the plane before leaving for Brussels. There was a miscount concerning the number of people on the plane which gave us a 2-hr. unexpected delay! This delay did not defeat us, nevertheless we were concerned if we would miss our flight in Brussels. After departing Toronto, we spent much of the night sleeping, or for some of us, trying to sleep! The pilot made an excellent landing through the fog, and we arrived safely in Brussels. We ran fast through the airport hoping not to be late for our connecting flight. Thankfully we arrived exactly at the time of boarding. From there, we spent the next 9 hrs. sleeping or trying to sleep. We arrived here in Uganda at 11 pm local time and arrived at our hotel shortly after! We all took cold showers, wrapped ourselves in mosquito nets, and fell fast asleep!

God has been so good to us this trip. There have been 5 special highlights for me personally already at the start of this mission. 1) The first highlight was finding a chapel at the Winnipeg airport. 2) On one of the flights I was able to connect with a father and his 14 month old son. 3) On the flight from Brussels to Rwanda I was blessed with a window seat. There I spent 30 min admiring and being in awe of the beauty of God’s creation as I looked speechless at the Swiss Alps and the blue Mediterranean Sea. 4) I met a couple from BC who were also heading to Uganda for mission’s work. I was blessed with their excitement for Jesus, the Gospel, and His mission. 5) This morning I woke up before everyone else and went for a walk on African Soil!!!!! There I met and interacted with the Ugandan security guards watching over our hotel. They were: filled with joy, hospitable, and very welcoming as the welcomed me into their country!!! As a team we were blessed to spend much time together as we traveled. I think this was a great bonding experience amidst the close quarters and abundance of time spent with each other!

Overall, spirits are high, excitement is rising, some are still getting used to the time change, but God is good and has been very faithful!

As we continue this mission here are a few ways you can continue to pray for us:

  • Some are suffering from jet leg. Pray for quick recovery.
  • Be expectant. Here at the beginning of the mission we have a lot of downtime. Pray that this time will be good times for us as a team to connect well with each other and grow in unity. Pray also that we would take every opportunity captive for the Lord’s work.
  • We are driving up to Kampala today, and Arua tomorrow. Pray for safety.
  • Pray that God’s will will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Thank you all so much for your many prayers and support. We are so blessed knowing that many are covering us in prayer. Continue to stay updated on this blog as well as our Instagram page: MX3 Uganda!

Until God’s name is made great in every nation – Mal.1:11,

–  Steven Warthe –



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